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 Emergency Communication in Austria
1. May 2018
Solar Flare

EMCOM.at  Exercise
Solar Flare

Together with Austria's leading Telecom Operator A1 Telekom and Austria
's Armed Forces the Radio Amateurs from the Austrian Amateur Radio Society ÖVSV will cunduct an Austiran HF Communication Exercise.
12. March: Austrian Telecom Authorities informed about Exercise on 1st May.

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EMCOM.at Exercise: 1. Mai 19


A1 Telekom   Bundesheer
11. November 2017

EMCOM.at  Meeting
Campus Kuchl

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next EMCOM.at Meeting: 10. Nov.18

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support in Kuchl by Landesverband OE2

The different Operation Modes and Systems for Radio Communication is a barrier in the collaboration of Relief Units or Organisations epecially during Crisis Operation
EMCOM.at  is a forum for Crisis Communication and shall activate and improve the collaboration before Crisis situation, in order to have the same understanding of Radio Communication during Crisis.

The interdiscipinary Collaboration of Radio Operators at Public Authorities and Relief Units, Infrastructure Companies and Media Organisations and general Public serves the Resilience of Austria.
The complementary knowledge transfer shall be adopted to the rapid changes and developments - especially in communication with the general Public by social Media.

Impressum: Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Koblmiller, Vorstadtl 3, 2483 Ebreichsdorf, +43 664 73438501, office@emcom.at  Datenschutzerklärung last update: 11. June 2018